The Elite Forum saves you years of time and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of valued experience.

— Mathew Gordon, CEO of GraduationSource & Avanti Systems

What is The Elite Forum?

The Elite Forum is two days of business and leadership development that will change how you think about company alignment. Our executive team will help you set your vision and reinforce your purpose in a way that translates to results, performance, and growth.

Growing a business is about taking a lot of what we hold so dearly—our own personal success—and entrusting it in our people.

The truth is, unless you can find a way to scale and distribute responsibilities, you will always be at the center of operations. How can you plan for the future when you're busy running the show?

Company alignment to a clear vision (shared purpose) is the biggest motivator you can create as a leader seeking to achieve scalable growth. At the Elite Forum, we'll help you create that vision. Once your team buys in to the vision that you've co-created with them, it will be easier for you to delegate (and focus on growth).

Who should join the Elite Forum?

The Elite Forum is for leaders of successful businesses who are ready to grow, develop high-performing teams, and plan for the future.

In order to qualify for Elite Forum, you must have annual revenue of at least $1M (or quickly approaching $1M). You must have at least 5 employees.

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