More clarity around your business goals and vision than you ever thought possible

The Elite Forum Program is an intensive three-part progression program. It is specifically designed to help your business grow from the early developmental stages to a multi-million dollar company. And it's based on the same systemized formula the Infusionsoft executive team used to become the company it is today.

  • Gain clarity around your purpose, values and mission—and work them into your day-to-day operations
  • Address common challenges in business development
  • Make the transition from entrepreneur to CEO
  • Get the tools and systems you need to grow to $10 million and beyond

Elite Forum

Guidance from execs who have learned the lessons of business development

  • A two-day workshop designed to give you the training, systems and tools you need to set your vision and create alignment
  • The Infusionsoft executive team will share the strategic planning process that helped evolve Infusionsoft into the company it is today

Elite Momentum

Put your vision and strategy planning process in motion

  • A 12-month follow-up program to fully implement your company vision and strategy planning process
  • The guidance and coaching you need to stay focused on your vision and strategy

Elite Mastermind

The accountability and structure you need to power ahead

  • For companies that have grown large enough to need departments, develop middle management, and strategically restructure their organization
  • Discover how and when to hire key seats, and work through next-level challenges

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for Elite Forum, you must have annual revenues of at least $1M (or quickly approaching $1M). You must have at least 5 employees.



for the business owner


for each additional person from the company

* Because teamwork is a big part of the strategic planning process, we recommend that you bring one other key decision maker with you to Elite Forum.

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